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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 8, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> and it's happening in the indian ocean. fourth ping that could be from the black box from missing flight 370 has been picked up by search crew there transmission lasted 17 minutes and sounded unnatural. not like something that would normally exist in the area. searchers say they now have a more manageable search area of about 9 square miles to focus on but the water is deep down about 15,000 feet. the search
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leader says it will soon be time to use under water probe to map the ocean floor for wreckage. for breaking up dates stay with us. also follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson in for dan tonight. >> the attorney for one of the defendants in the yee corruption case is fighting back with strong words. high profile defense attorney tony now representing raymond chow and blasting the feds with charges of racism. vick lee has the story. >>reporter: 20 defendants who appeared in court pleaded not guilty. bette that include suspended state senator leland yee out half million dollar bond. he's charged with political corruption and gun running. political fundraiser and school board jackson who is also out on bond entered the same plea. he's charged with drugs and weapons trafficking and murder for hire. the goth
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created the crime. the government finance the crime. and the governmenten snared my client by their affirmative acts. >>reporter: that's how legendary lawyer tony characterizes the case against raymond chow. the self described reform china town gangster. sarah now open chow defense team made his first appearance in court with his client. chow did not enter a plea. he's charged with money laundering and dealing in stolen property. at the arraignment more lawyers in court than there were defendants. all those we spoke with pointed to entrapment. as the main defense in a case that began 5 years ago ncaa and involved undercover fbi agents who infiltrated what the government calls an organized crime ring. >> sure teams the government was out there beating the bush and throwing a lot of money at anybody that could get, you know, to take money. >>reporter: sarah went even further with the accusations
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against the federal case. >> and throw in from our perspective a bit of racism, racism. we will put the government rightfully on try. we believe there's all kinds of malfeasance. >>reporter: now the next challenge for the court is setting up the investigation that resulted in the vo lump us amounts of documents, wire tap and secretly recorded conversations. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> about 6 months in jill for running over and killing a teenager last year in san francisco this driver. karen brewer cried in court and called the accident that killed 17-year-old chang a tragedy. the june sentenced brewer to 1 year in jail but 6 months of that will be in home confinement. the father september a message saying he was relieved that brewer showed remorse for his action and received lighter sentencee he po vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. >> i think he's incredibly
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grateful for the kilometer passion and understanding they have shown. >> the chang out celebrating her 17th birthday when she was struck on the avenue in march of last year. citizen installed a traffic beacon at the intersection. >> legal problems facing a veteran concord police officer could have a ripple effect on other criminal cases. switzerland former indicate neighbor officer accused of stealing prescription drug from senior citizen and using the dog to help gain the senior trust. 7 news reporter anthony spoke with switzerland lawyer. >> no question that this is a case about someone who fell into the throw of prescription pill addiction. >> the attorney for concord police officer accused of stealing drugs from seniors says his client was over powered by an ill needs. addiction. >> started off with an on duty injury he was prescribed the
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powerful heroin like drug. and he succumb to the clutches for now. >> shown here with the police dog prosecutor say former concord officer switzerland used the animal as ruce to gain the trust of seniors in this concord apartment complex. and gain access to the powerful pain medication. >> for instance obtaining the pills from these people by telling them he needed to train his dog to smell l these type of drugs. >> it's given to the seniors when they are really suffering. >> dr. barber the psychologist for snrs cocoa including some at the concord apartment complex where switzerland allegedly committed most of the crimes. >> it's a double tragedy. not only are they feeling ripped off by trusting subsequent ty or person but also then missing the kind of medication that is needed for them to continue functioning in a relatively pain free manner. >> the case against switzerland
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could jeopardize other criminal prosecution. defendant he came in contact with as a police officer. >> it's all on case by case basis and certainly there's potential that it can hurt cases that he was on but it depends on number of factors. >> besides the dog the pros ca cawtor told 7 news there is some information the officer may have taken his own children to visit elderly residents at the concord apartment. the same people he allegedly stole from. martinez, abc 7 news. >> is fire investigators have determined the fire that burned 3 homes in san jose yesterday was an accident the fire destroyed one house and damaged 2 others on moss brook circle. one physician lost everything she owned. neighborhood is filled with ikeler home that fuel fire because of the open air construction and this isn't the first one there to catch fire. >> number 4. house on the corner burned down. house next to our house burned down. the so these ikeler go quickly.
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>> 7 news reporter cornell bernard has more from marin county where people who love the ikeler say there are ways to make the home safer. >> could you say renee is a big ikeler fan. that's an under statement in fact. check out the car. she has been selling the mid century gem for 10 years and showing us around her own ikeler in san rafael. double a frame model built in the 1960's. >> i believe that's why people really love ikeler so much because they really let people take in nature. >> these homes have quite the cult following among those who love modern open floor plans. lots of glass. atrium which bring the out door in. in the 60's developer joseph ikeler wanted to make the unique homes affordable to all. he sold them for 9400 dollars each in the bay area. today they are worth a lot more. >> i have one on the market for 1.3 million dollars firefighters say the homes can be dangerous after 3 ikeler heavily damaged in a san jose
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fire yesterday. >> because it is so open it allow for more air to flow through which gave lot more helps with fuel reduction. >> firefighters agree especially after upgrade made to the home. >> we love them because of not only the design but the spirit behind each one of the homes you can really feel it. >> realtor monique acquired the original drawing to several ikeler model and selling copies for 5000 dollars each. the plans have been modified to today code standard. she says old or new these houses are safe. >> i do not think that these homes are harmful to people. i think that with any house there are problems. with an ikeler all the issues with them, they are solvable. >>reporter: people living in glass houses the way ikeler intended. in san rafael, abc 7 news. >> repair in store for homeowner after car slammed into their house here. elderly woman was driving this silver
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honda when she lost control. cut across the front lawn in the corner of the house here. nobody was injured. >> police if fremont want nice consider installing security camera to help fight crime. and tonight they invited people to learn more how the camera catch burglar in the act and lead to more arrest. david lou shows us one fremont neighborhood considered to be a role model. >> high tech camera systems already capture read light runner or help to identify a car if pwij toll transponder malfunction. capture the plate of every car entering or leaving tiburon. now they nab residential thieves including this woman caught on video taking a package off porch and walking off with it. higher resolution camera are making surveillance affordable at hom home. 10 days ago somebody snatched a package off this snreet a different neighborhood and got away with the package but couldn't get away with the crime because this street also had cameras. fremont scott creek terrace neighborhood a model for other subdivision
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planning similar system. the camera catch every vehicle coming and going including our nuts van down to a close-up of the license plate. there wasn't a single burglary for 18 months after camera were installed two years ago. >> is camera system turned out to be a very strong deterrent to crime and secondly if there is a problem or crime in the neighborhood we can figure out now who it its. >>reporter: ken organized the effort to raise 50 dollars per household for the camera. 6 out of 10 homeowner chi chipped in. others installed camera on their own property. >> homeowner forget if they put camera in the front yard or around the house they really need to have them point to the street so that they can see either an approaching pedestrians or vehicle. >> the company says 1,000 dollars bias good system thanks to dropping prices. some camera utilize infrared to catch a car break in without visible light. others feature analytic to start alerting or
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send alert sought resident check the video on a tablet. recording shared with police for detectives to investigate then n.fremont, abc 7 news. >> still to come at 9:00. clinton speaking in the bay area. she answer the question on everyone mind will she run for president. >> how scientist helped paralyze people after they told would it never happen. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. temperatures in the upper 80'st0l some location today but now cooling fog is at the what effect will that have? i have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> and perfect opening day in san francisco highlights from game day and very familiar faces join the fvities. >> and watch abc now available to bay area dish customers who want to watch 7 news on the smart phone tablet go to our web site and click on the watch pass.ogo to find out how
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>> sold out crowd this afternoon at at&t park for
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sunny opening day. a record breaking opening day temperature wise giants play the first home game this season. wayne checked in with fans at the ballpark. >> if they measure the gross national product on san francisco today we might have been in trouble. opening day at at&t park. do we have to? >> even year. it makes a difference. >> yet another example of how in just 4 years the most snake bit feeling fans in the world have become so well, optimistic. take too. really? traditional story line opening day goes like this. you get a clean slate. >> you never get a clean slate. >>reporter: in baseball you really do. >> everything you can find the stadium on it. >> not a clean plate. a clean slate. >> beginning of new season. it's the start of serving. >>reporter: that's right. >> my first memory is going to
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candlestick park and seeing willy swing a tree trunk. >> that kid made appearance today and threw out the first pitch. it's not easy to save gotham and master a curve ball but long season and even year and we like them now. >> every even year at least. >> and clean slates. at at&t park, abc 7 news. >> larry will be along with game highlights for us. of course the giants won that one 7-3. larry will have all the highlights in sports for us coming up shortly. >> right now a check of our accu-weather forecast this was another gorgeous day. >> it was indeed and the war warmest opening day weather for the giants as they move here in 1958. unbelievable. tomorrow is another warm day. here's live doppler 7hd still very clear skies over before i get to that show the time lapse. really want the show you this.
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check this out from the east bay hills camera. sunsetñç officially at 7:39 this eve and look at the great color in the western sky there as the sun was setting. here's live doppler 7hd clear skies over most of the bay area. low clouds fog near some parts of the coast line. that fog may move locally beyond the coast line over tonight hours not far inrand. how about the highs. 87 degrees today at san jose. 88 at gilroy. 86 at livermore. redwood city 75 here at san francisco. and numerous other locations rit around the bay inland had high in the low mid 80's. right now looking live from mount tam on to the bay and parts of san francisco. temperature reading at the moment 55 in san francisco. 61 in oakland. we have upper 60's redwood city and san jose los gatos and 52 at half moon bay. now looking along the embarcadero from the roof top camera at 7. we have clear skies 59 at santa rose. 62 at napa. 56 petaluma and mid
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upper 60's at fairfield con cord and livermore. and one more live view from the east bay hills camera looking out on to the bay. forecast feature we see coastal fog overnight and some high clouds over the inland 80's as well. mild to warm next 2 days and cooler pattern settle in for the weekend but in the seasonal range. not below average. the satellite image shows high pressure still dominant feature in the the picture but this is shifting eastward and as it does it will allow the frontal system mav closer and clouds cool every weather for the weekend but graduate change as we approach the weekend. talking about changes. check out the projected temperature range. high pressure range for downtown san jose next 7 days. note the average high for tomorrow date april 9 in san jose 69 degrees but reach 80 tomorrow which is well above the average 83 on thursday. then we start to see graduate tapering off of temperatures starting on friday going through the weekend into next week. that will be typical of what we see in many inland locations around the bay area
9:19 pm
over the next 7 days. now overnight tonight fog at the coast and a little bit beyond. low pressure mailed. generally in the low mid 50's see mid 40's up in the north bay valley which is the chilliest region of the bay area. tomorrow mainly sunny and warm in the south bay with high up to 80 degrees san jose. 79 at santa clara and peninsula we see mid upper 70's and only low to mid 60's on the coast as the fog there will have a cooling nruchlt downtown san francisco high of 67 to. up in the north bay north bay valley 70's to napa. east bay high mainly mid 70's inland east bay upper 70's to low 80's. 80 at walnut creek. 82 at livermore and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. so thursday will be the warmest day in the forecast period with mid 80's inland and temperatures start to drop-off on friday and gradually continue to drop-off jaws couple degrees or so in the weekend early next week. nothing dramatic no dro mat ick changes cool down into the
9:20 pm
seasonal range. >> more average temperature this time of year. looks nice spencer thank you. >> coming up on 7 news at 9:00. look at the medical device clinical trials right now that does something unique after its nut place. >> how this museum moving outside of the wall to help outside of the wall to help these students think out
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> new study suggest viagra may boost the risk of developing melanoma deadliest type of cancer. they found men who took the drug 85 percent more likely to develop the kaernts than men who did not. but they caution the research does not proof cause and effect. scientist say viagra could increase the melanoma risk because it affects the same genetic path way that lets the scene cancer become more invasive. >> excitement today over
9:24 pm
promising new technique to help people with paralysis. researchers at uc l and university of louisville restore voluntary movement to 4 men told they would never move their legs again. they did it by implant ago device that sends electrical stimulation to the spinal. with the flick of a switch patients who couldn't sit up on their own could suddenly do so. they can even move their legs one at a time. city. the first time i turn it on it was exciting and he motional for me at the same time emotional because difference told that i would never be able to walk or move my legs again. >> what is incredibly exciting is that we have opened up a realm of possibilities of what we can do now with people paralyze anz we just scratched the surface. >> this isn't the first time electrical stimulation helped paralyze patients but experts say this technique may become another tool helping to transform the lives of more than 1 million americans who lack control over their lower limb. >> research being conducted her in the bay area could provide
9:25 pm
mainly advance for heart patients. surge on at medical center in concord implanting pwaishts new kind of stint. difference thinks device not only open up blocked artery but disappears when the job is don done. east bay golfer jeff can certainly reed a green when the pressure is on. but this threatened the golf game and the health. >> i have had friends with stint or bypass or actual heart attack and kind of wonder when my turn was going to come up. >> right there it's pinch about 70%. >>reporter: doctors at john muir medical center in concord diagnosed a narrowing in one of jeff coronary artery. condition was severe enough that doctors recommended placing a stint. mesh tube have been available to open blocked blood vessels for several decade but new type in clinical trillion at john muir include as key difference. >> this is truly stz the most exciting area right now in intervention cardiology and first in class these fully the
9:26 pm
drug alluding stint. >>reporter: intervention cardiologist says the did he vase known as absorb is placed in the artery with balloon catheter in the same way as common metal stint. as shown in the animation provided by the manufacturer bay area base, the coating can deliver embedded drug to initiate the healing but unlick metal stint the absorb is designed to dissolve away of the courts of several years leaving nothing in the body. >> we really vonl a limited amount of real estate in our heart artery and at some point the we don't want to be placing stint upon stint if we don't have to. >> we first profile absorb in 2010 when it was still in development at abbott. since then undergone critical trials in europe and japan. the doctor believes approval in the u.s. would represent an evolution in cardiac care. >> that would be not leaving prm nent metallic scaffold nz of an artery. >> since the trial is blinded
9:27 pm
jeff has not yet been told whether he received the absorb or a standard stint. he does know that the procedure has left him with the energy to pursue his passion. >> i can place 36 hole a day instead of 18 now. maybe walk a few too. >> developer say the engineering behind the abbott stint has taken several decade to perfect. one key challenge was allowing it to be biodegradable while ensuring no flaking or breakage during that process. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. how the air force plans to use drone in the next quarter century and whether there's a nuclear option. >> plus why bill banning orca performance on hold despite strong public support for it. >> mystery on mars. find out what scientist believe was captured in this photo. that's coming up in the next half hour of news on abc
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now, that's progress former secretary of state hilary rodham clinton came to san francisco today to talk about a number of issues ranging from politic to immigration but the big question will she run inform president and when? 7 news reporter lee ann has the story. >> mrs. clinton introduced by the ceo of market o. marketing software company. the former secretary of state wasen have have ited to talk about the things that matter in san francisco and the silicon valley. the he shall of granting more h 1 b visa led the sktion. >> company that need workers right now with certain skills have a chance to pet them. but they also do what i'm beginning to see on college campuses around the country now. they begin to fund programs that will train more people who are
9:32 pm
already here. >> she was finally asked about her possible run for the white house. >> what's your plan? are you going to do it? >>reporter: lyndon has the recognition connection and ability to raise money for a possible campaign. >> i am thinking about it but i am going to continue to think about it for a while. >> but will clinton appeal to younger voters like the one who came to hear her speak today. if elected in 2016 clinton will be 69 years old. same age ronald reagan was when he was first elected in 1980 clinton came prepared reassuring people here she has good understanding of technology and social media. >> extremely well spoken. very on her toes the entire time. >> she's brilliant and would be the kind of leader the condition try needs. >> she pointed out any decision will certainly come after the midterm election. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> president obama signed 2
9:33 pm
executive orders today aimed at narrowing the gender wage georgia. first of the 2 prohibits federal contractors from retaliating against employee who talk about the compensation. the second ep instructs the government to reless salary reports broken down by race and gender. >> today the average full-time working woman earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. african american women latino, even less. in 2014 that's an embarrassment. >>reporter: the actions are part of concerted election year effort with congressional democrat contract to draw attention to women pay. also happens to be equal payday. symbolic day when women pay finally catches up to men earnings from the prior year. >> the u.s. will reduce you the number of ready to launch nuclear missiles over the next couple years to comply with the new star treaty of 2011. nuclear missiles will be taken out of silo and put on standby but not destroyed. 40 ready to
9:34 pm
launch nuclear will remain actually the lowest number since pardon me i meant to say 400 ready to launch nuclear will remain and that is the lowest number since the early 1960's. >> air force says it will not use drone to carry out nuclear strikes. in new report air force officials said they hope to have drone take over man mission such as search rescue in flight rae fueling but nuclear missions are not technically possible now and may certainly never be ethical. military would like to use dren for energy attack to destroy short range missile. >> secretary of state john kerry is accusing russia of orchestrate the take over of ukraine government buildings. today members of unnamed group seized government office in eastern city taking 60 people hostage. came after ukraine troops regain control of the government building in the country second largest city. more than 70 people were arrested. on capitol hill kerry warned of further economic sanction against russia unless moscow backs off.
9:35 pm
>> division in you cin spilled over in parliament today when brawl erupted on the floor. began when communist party leader also pro russian blamed nationalist for the protest in the east. 2 deputy 40 far rate nationalist party took exception to the remark and fighting began. apparently despite the punches no one seriously hurt. >> sacramento bill toned the killer whale show at places lick sea world in san diego has died. that measure would have out lawed orca performance ended sea world captive breeding program and phased out allowing orca to be kept in captivity. >> swimming pool size habitat are a fraction of what they need. they must undergo extensive stressful tring and performance regimen on strict clock work schedule. and sepate from their off spring and live in pod of unrelated individuals. >>reporter: for 15 minutes people offered a sentence or two in support of the bill which was inspired by documentary suggesting the mistreatment of organize orca
9:36 pm
makes them aggressive and led to attraction on trainingers. >> bloom says the debate on his bill has been fueled by fear and myself information and agreed to put the measure on hold for the rest of the year. >> never before seep virus killed millions of baby pig and could send pork prices soaring. since last may the diarrhea killed nearly 6.8 million pig. that 3 percent of the total population as a result pound of bacon averages 5.46 in februar february. 13 percent more than a year ago. ham and pork chop prices also gone up. scientist say the virus came from china and can not spread to human or other animal. >> a lot of people are talking about this. mysterious bright light on mars. 2 nasa photo snapped last week by the curiosity rover an both photo look like it's pwaeming upward from the planet sfachlts nasa hasn't responded but one scientist told us it's not an
9:37 pm
indication of life on mars. he says it's likely either flaw with the camera or the rock reflecting the sun. >> still 0to come at 9:00. look what caused this e-cig treat suddenly the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel
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banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can >> next week san francisco exploratorium celebrates 1 year at new building and now the museum is pushing the mission of hands on learning beyond its own walls. tonight job skills of the future with mission district teenagers and partnership funded by the national science foundation. dan has assignment 7 report tonight. >> kids from the boys and girls
9:41 pm
club. meet the exploratorium out door team. creators of the museum wide range of science and art exhibit made to be enjoyed outside. now they are helping teenagers dream up their own outside oasis. >> when we work in the community what we really want to do is partner with a community base organization that really knows the neighborhood we are working in. >> that's where the boys and girls club in san francisco mission district comes in. 3 teenager club members are the first to step up for this pilot project. >> the idea of designing architect and building, i love doing this. >> spend a little over a year creating a parklet in their neighborhood. >> this idea we focus on design but also 21st century trade so trade the way they look 15 years ago is nothing like they look now. they are very intensive in technology. >>reporter: first sketching and 3d computer design. all the while brain storming ideas. >> lighting is going to reflect
9:42 pm
from it. >>reporter: they did not skimp on the details. >> solar passenger on top to create energy for the lights. >> we wanted this to fit so 2 seat for older people and taller people and for you youngester kids and we added this weird table. >> on this date the exploratorium team help the teen combine the design into a small plastic model using a 3d printer. >> lay down one layer at a tim time. >> plans more elaborate. >> this goes in and take up about 6 feet put °on it. >>reporter: next step to build a full size plywood prototype in front of the boys and fwrls club. >> doing it at the club is a great way to make sure that the real kids if the community who traditionally may not ever experience figure lake this get to experience it. >>reporter: finally community comes in to test out the prototype parklet and it's a huge hit. st teenager designer
9:43 pm
watched carefully to sea how all the ideas work. >> pretty incredible just knowing that the kids have been using this so that we built with our own hands. >>reporter: they build the permanent this coming summer and the next step in replicate indicate thanksgiving in other city and helping other young people prepare for the future. >> i learned a lot and made me feel like more confident and the what i condition do. >> that was dan reporting. we are the exploratorium official tv partner and this weekend dan host special report more to explore looking at the museum first year in the new building on the san francisco waterfron waterfront. air this is sunday at 6:30 p.m. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00. big names announce today. head lining music festiv
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. >> bar tender in england quite a shock when e-cigarette connected to i-pad charger exploded. it shows the nriments and spark bursting. bartender run off to the bathroom in terror. nobody seriously hurt though. e-cigarette manufacturer rae leased instructions. there are clear instruction that is this can lead to catastrophic failure at seen here. >> new report suggest apple watch coming this year. apple will launch the device this fall and make 65 million i fwhachs time for christmas. analyst believe it could be unveiled at the worldwide developer conference in san francisco this june. >> tom petty app heart breaker coming back to outside land in san francisco. today organiz organizers announce performer
9:48 pm
for this year event at golden gate park include rapper kanye west, mclemore and ryan law is and flaming lip spoon and killer. petty head lined back in 2008. this year festival held through from august 8 through the tenth. tickets good on sale thursday morning at 10:00. it is once again expected to sell out. >> the writer for the guard created unique perspective on classic album covers thanks to google straight view. here's what he has done. this is the cover of physical graffiti by led zeplin with street view in new york ville land across town in the west village you see bob dylan album cover from 1953 compared to today. here's anotheral fwoum show you. the marshall the eminem on the front step of the childhood home on the infamous 8 mile. that home was demolished last year after a fire. ab ay road.
9:49 pm
they have to repaint the crossing every three months to cover up the fan graffiti. >> time now for one last check of the forecast. spencer has it for us. >> we start with live doppler 7hd. we have low clouds along portions of the coast lane maybe mainly clear skies over the inland 80's and that will be the case for the next couple days. state wide tomorrow warm hot conditions in the interior section. california high in the mid 80's at chico sacramento up to 90 at fresno. 99 down at palm springs. 85 los angeles and her in the bay area it's another warm day tomorrow as well with high pressure in the low 80's in our inland area up to near 80 writ around the bay. cooler at the coast. fog has cooling influence there. tomorrow night at tt park jaipts take on the arizona diamondbacks again. game time 7:15 it's sunny start of the game sunset time tomorrow 7:40 p.m. 16 degrees when the game starts did you know to 55 later during the game so get a little
9:50 pm
bit cool later in the evening by the middle inning to the gym. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. bang my knee into the desk. about thursday will be the warmest day in the forecast period within land high in the 80's then start graduate cool down that begins friday and continue into next week but i think very dramatic getting back down to seasonal norm. >> looks wonderful. >> beautiful 7 days ahead. >> it was a perfect opening day today. >> it certainly was. >> perfect weather. i thought you handled the desk situation gracefully. >> he didn't scream notch expletive. >> no. that's good. we'll wait until the brick for that. >> i'll get to this quickly. how they win the surprise. team known for pitching. scoring runs in bunches. scoring runs in bunches. brando
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. big demand for big brother. local homeowner line up tonight to learn a different type of neighborhood watch. >> bricking news. search crew now confident they will find
9:54 pm
the wrecka of malaysian airlines flight 370. big development that is giving them hope this evening. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> this sports report. >> right now larry is her with sports and what a day for the giants. >> it was like all day party. >> it was. yes. >> starting with the weather. 73 degrees. after a week on the road the giants finally had the home opener hosting arizona. picture perfect. complete with another brandon home run. hudson 15 home opener at the park. pre-game festivities fun. fly over and then we showed you earlier. bat kid males scott came out to 3 out the first about itch to giants pitcher matt cain. all the body arm or. hard to get your arm into it. brandon bell guest the bat into it. this is maiming league time. fifth homer of the season. 2 run
9:55 pm
blast off former athletic cahill and why you bring the glove because you get a suv neevrment tim hudson greet him to say thank you. to hill there. resistance futile. michael morris doing a good job hitting another new giant. 2 run single in the third. belt scores. hunter 5-2 in the fifth. crawford base hid to right. here comes pence. blanco got play at the plate dive and safe. giants fans at the sports bar in new york loving it. 4 strike out in the game. airplane hill victimize three times. 7-3 genius the financial as hudson 8 innings. allow 2 earned run runs. he look like fantastic off season acquisition by the giants. >> he's a pro. he if found strike zone well and hard to pitch better than what he has the first 2 starts. i know he was excited probably pitching
9:56 pm
home opener and did a great jo job. >> felonies great to be back out there and competing and it's nice. great atmosphere. fans awesome. beautiful day. if. >> offensive explosion with the team. 47 rounds continued today. >> i didn't know. that. >> we are just playing. i don't think we are doing anything we can't do. guys are having good quality of bat. just trying to put the ball in play. >> we have a good offense and baseball club. so a the lot of good hitters. pitching awesome so we have a good team. >> day in philadelphia. 2nd inning 2 on. the diving catch here. to carlos ruiz. surprise he got to it. career high. equals with 3 homeers in the third a shot off kyle and following innings the again solo blast to right center and
9:57 pm
fans were chanting cheater cheater because of his steroids issues and 7 rbi day. eighth inning blast off brad. 3 homeers as the pwrurs pounded the phillies 10-4 and the a's had the day off. now the last time college had men and women basketball team win the national championship in the same year 2004 done by uconn. husband committees men took the titles last night and tonight was ladies night. uconn against notre dame battle of unpweent. coach gino and mcgraw don't like one another at all. stewart 22-8. uconn ladies with a miss but stephanie with rebound tip to lewis. trying to chip away 14 point deficit. mcbride then lloyd. irish down 7 at the half. huskies stepping up defensively. m rye a jefferson with the steal. uncontested play off. ball movement. and
9:58 pm
cutting. and the score. by stewart. she had 21. mcgraw just no answer and the steal. irish out rae bounded 54-31. 17 point, 16 rebound. 79-58 they celebrate in stores. uconn finishes and his 9th championship in 9 title games. men women of uconn both until champ. >> yes i get to kitchen guys like that. nation why we do what we do. >> emotional gino after the game. tiger woods will not be playing in the masters this week but phil will be there looking for his fourth green jack he. phil says it felt weird not having tiger:00 and -- around at gust.take he's hadger problems of his own this season including back issue but played 18 practice hold today
9:59 pm
and feels pretty good. i do know that arnold and tying verify 4 jacket and i have 3. i know jack has 6 but nothing to do about that right now but just trying to get back inform to that. >> got to get to 4 before you get to 6 t. >> nice start for the giants. looking so good. do you know is what remarkable is that we are so used to team that is built on pitching and defense and you see a lot of 2-3 games anything is torture they have 6 or 7 runs a game. don't know whether it last but 5 homeers here joked in the cactus league maybe i hit 74 this yeevrment he's on pace for it. >> right. rate. >> thanks for joining us >> thanks for joining us everyone. we see
10:00 pm
[♪] i'm glad you're moving out of this neighborhood, annie. some dude peed on my car while i was parking it. oh, you met spaghetti. yeah, i won't miss him. speaking of missing people, how did jeff dodge this bullet.


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